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National Transport Insurance

Trucking Basics

As Australia's leading specialist in transport and logistics insurance, NTI is committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise with customers and partners.

We've created a range of Trucking Basics tools to help you better understand the ins and outs of the transport industry. We hope these resources will help supplement your service and advice to clients, no matter what role you play in supporting the industry.

Resources you can find on this page:

Trucking Basics Book

A guide on basic truck information and terminology.


Trucking Basics: How to tell your dollies from your pigs

NTI breaks down the barriers of trucking industry jargon, and provides a simple explanation of trucking terminology basics to help you better understand and support your commercial motor customers.

Trucking Basics: Small trucks are big business

Learn more about the 'small trucks' category, including gross vehicle mass and payload, body types, occupations that typically use small trucks, and customer needs and opportunities.