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Our webinar series is a core element of our learning and development program designed for our valued broker partners. 

Featuring a range of presenters from NTI's own experts to external industry specialists, we aim to empower our broker partners with valuable and relevant knowledge to help navigate the complexities of their clients' needs. 

We cover a diverse range of topics from changes in the industry to updates on NTI's offering, for brokers with clients across the transport, logistics and construction industries. 

CPD Points

We understand the importance of continuing professional development (CPD) points for our broker partners, and we're proud to be working with the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) to ensure that each of our webinars is eligible for NIBA CPD points. 

All you need to do is follow the instructions in each of our webinar sessions, whether live or on-demand, to get your CPD certificate of attendance for NIBA. 

Upcoming Webinars

Register for our upcoming live webinars below. These webinars are eligible for NIBA CPD points. 

Please note webinars are subject to change and cancellation. 

July 2024Coming soon

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23 Apr 2024
Behind the Scenes with NTI’s Repair Team

Our repair experts talk about how NTI's pragmatic approach to assessment and repairs aims to minimise the impact of challenges being faced by the industry in the current economic environment. 

They share insights into these challenges, and the importance of efficient assessment and repair processes in getting businesses back on track as soon as possible.

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19 Mar 2024The Global Logistics Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities

Our Marine experts take a deeper look into the current global logistics landscape, sharing insights on the challenges and impacts faced by clients and potential growth opportunities.

We discuss how you can further support your clients operating in this space and help them navigate the complexities of the constantly evolving global logistics environment.

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28 Feb 2024Mobile Plant & Equipment Masterclass: Part 2

In part two of our two-part Mobile Plant and Equipment (MPE) Masterclass series, we dive deeper into NTI’s specialist approach to MPE claims.

We explore unique claims trends for MPE, how to mitigate these issues, and how we can help you and your clients through the claims process.

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12 Dec 2023
Risk Engineering: Stories from the Road

NTI’s Risk Engineers spend a lot of time out of the office visiting businesses and helping them identify, understand and mitigate operational, supply chain and other risks.

Our Risk Engineers talk about what they do day-to-day, and share examples of what they find, how they help businesses, and how to identify when a client might benefit from risk engineering.

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15 Nov 2023
Mobile Plant & Equipment Masterclass: Part 1

In part one of our two-part Mobile Plant and Equipment (MPE) Masterclass series, we explore the types of equipment used in the MPE space, and the occupations that use them.

We also talk about what’s currently happening in the industry, NTI’s appetite and product offering for MPE, and what to look out for with clients.

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3 Oct 2023
Trucks Beyond Transport: Part 2
In part two of our Trucks Beyond Transport series, we explore how and why NTI approaches incident response, repairs, and support differently for smaller trucks used by retail, manufacturing, and trade businesses, compared to traditional large transport fleets.
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29 Aug 2023
Trucks Beyond Transport: Part 1

Light rigid trucks are the top-selling truck type in Australia, and we know that many businesses outside of transport are now purchasing them as a tool for their business.

In part one of our two-part Trucks Beyond Transport series, we talk about our product offering for light rigid trucks and the businesses that use them.

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25 May 2023Spilt Milk Project: Tanker SafetySpilt Milk is an NTI project funded by the Federal Government through the NHVR’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative. This is a project focused on dairy tanker safety, but is relevant to anyone involved in tanker operations.

Our presenters will discuss how they have engaged with industry - from drivers to consignors - to understand needs and issues, and create an educational program to help reduce incidents.
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20 Apr 2023Claims Ep 2: Incident ResponseAs a second part to our highly requested claims webinar series, we bring you valuable insight into the world of incident response at NTI.

NTI's incident response experts will talk about what happens when a phone call comes in, the steps involved in the event of an incident, driver assistance and repatriation, and the benefits of using NTI tow operators.
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15 Mar 2023Marine Basics: Hull InsuranceFollowing on from our highly popular Marine Basics webinar on Cargo and Carriers, we now bring you another Marine Basics session on Commercial Hull Insurance.

NTI Marine experts will talk about what hull insurance is, who needs it, and what it's designed to cover.
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22 Nov 2022
Claims Ep 1: Introduction to NTI Claims
Due to popular demand, NTI will be rolling out a webinar series focused on our claims offering.

Excellence in claims runs strong in NTI's DNA and across our specialties. In this first episode, NTI's claims experts will provide an overview of our claims solution and explain the different services available to your clients from the accident scene to repairs and back to business faster.
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18 Oct 2022
Healthy Heads Matter
Being a transport operator is one of the most dangerous jobs in Australia, both physically and mentally. For the road transport and logistics industries to thrive, we need to engage and take care of its greatest asset – its people.

Join NTI and not-for-profit foundation Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds as we discuss this very important issue and share what tools and resources are available to your clients and their business.
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27 Sep 2022
NTI NTARC 2022 Report
Learn about the key findings from NTI's National Truck Accident Research Centre (NTARC) 2022 Report. We'll also share how NTI is working with transport associations to help make sustainable improvements to road safety and logistics in Australia.
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19 Jul 2022
Marine Insurance: Back to Basics
You've asked and we've listened. Join NTI for our first Marine Basics webinar in which our Marine experts cover the fundamentals of marine insurance, with focus on cargo and carriers.

Learn about the different types of marine insurance, common terminology and their meaning, and things to look out for to help your clients get the right cover.
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1 Jun 2022
NTI Now Overview
NTI Now is NTI's online claims platform that allows you to lodge and manage claims online anytime, anywhere.

In this session, NTI claims experts Leonie De Villiers and Tanya Stevenson will give an overview of the NTI Now platform and demonstrate how to perform key claims tasks. This short but informative session is ideal if you're a new NTI Now user or simply looking to refresh your knowledge.
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28 May 2022
Crisis Communications and the Importance of Being Prepared 
What is crisis communications and when does it apply?

NTI's Luke Muller and special guest presenter Leisa Goddard, Director at Adoni Media, look at the ins and outs of crisis management and what businesses can do before and after a major incident occurs.
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23 Mar 2022
Trucking Basics: Small Trucks Are Big Business
Did you know there are over 187,000 light-duty rigid trucks on Australian roads? That's one light-duty rigid truck for every 135 Australians!

In this webinar, Adam Gibson, NTI's Transport and Logistics Risk Engineer, sheds some light on the 'small trucks' category, including gross vehicle mass and payload, body types, occupations that typically use small trucks, and customer needs and opportunities.
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23 Nov 2021
Trucking Basics: How to Tell Your Dollies From Your PigsNTI's Transport and Risk Engineer, Adam Gibson, breaks down the barriers of trucking industry jargon, and provides a simple explanation of trucking terminology basics to help you better understand and support your commercial motor customers.Watch now
25 Aug 2021
Why Trucks Crash and What We Do About It
Hear from NTI's Transport and Logistics Risk Engineer, Adam Gibson, about what NTI's data and ongoing research tells us about trucking safety and how we can support our mutual customers on the journey from good to great.
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These webinars contain general information only and do not take into account you or your client's objectives, financial situation or needs. You or your client should obtain professional advice based on relevant personal circumstances. Our products are subject to limits and exclusions. And when making decisions about our products, consider the product disclosure statement and target market determinations available from NTI. NTI is not responsible or liable for you or your client's use or reliance on the information in these webinars.