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NTI NOW complements our award winning service proposition by providing you with an additional way to access information about your clients, with 24/7 access to view claims information, lodge claims and access customer reports across all of our product brands. 

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How to use NTI Now - Join Leonie De Villiers and Tanya Stevenson from NTI as they take you through some of the key functions of our NTI Now claims platform.


NTI Now provides a new channel for you to access NTI 24/7 and complements our existing service. You are able to view, track and lodge claims. You can also access reporting at any time.

We wanted a name which drives a reason to use the portal and works in conjunction with our current service offering. At Claim time, our Brokers can now call 1800 NTI NOW (1800 684 669), lodge and track their Claim online via our NTI Now portal or call a member of the Claims Team. Brokers are now able to choose how they interact with NTI.

NTI Now is a Broker portal. Brokers, Broker Assistants, Claims Consultants and management within Brokerages will be able to access.

Your local NTI State Development Specialist can arrange log on details for you, however the broker principle (or a representative nominated by the broker principle) must first authorize your access to NTI NOW.

Customers will not have access in the foreseeable future.

NTI Now provides you with another 24/7 chanel to access NTI, complementing rather than replacing our current channels. NTI Now allows you to quickly view open Claims while your customer is on the phone, it enables you to lodge a Claim with a few simple questions and you can access reporting any time. Your local NTI team are still available to take your call during business hours.

No problems! NTI Now is complementary to our current service model, not a replacement. If a Broker does not wish to use NTI Now we will continue to provide excellent service via Accident Assist and our Claims Consultants.

Access is through our NTI Now website and access needs to be arranged through your SDS in conjunction with an agreement with the relevant brokerage directors and principals.

Marine Liability, Liability and Section Two Personal Injury Claims information will not be available in NTI Now. Liability lines and personal injury claims will only contain basic information. For more information please call your consultant. All other NTI products are available for you to view, track and lodge online.

All log-in's are unique to allow you to see all Claims relevant to your clients. You may have permission to see more than your own Claims if your brokerage has set this up for you.

Note that claims information contained within NTI NOW should be read in conjunction with your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). Please read your PDS which outlines your cover and benefits.

Marine Liability and Personal Injury Liability claims are not available for lodgment, track and view on NTI Now. The system will provide visibility of the Claim in the NTI system, however it will notify Brokers to call their Claims Consultant.

NTI Now provides you will the ability to lodge a claim online. The lodgment of a claim is notification to NTI only, not an automatic acceptance of the claim being made.

Your dedicated NTI Claims Consultant will contact you within four business hours to discuss any additional particulars of your claim.

Absolutely. All you need to do is enter some key information then upload your claim form and any additional attachments you may have. Upon submission, you will be provided an NTI Claim Number for your records and to advise your policyholder.

You should always ring 1800 NTI NOW (1800 684 669) for our Accident Assistance service if you require incident scene management, or call 000 in an emergency situation or if anyone has been injured. If the incident does not require emergency responders, you can choose the lodgment method you prefer: call 1800 NTI NOW, lodge online via NTI Now or with an NTI Claims Consultant.

If you choose to lodge online, you will be asked a few key questions and instantly be provided with a claim number. Your NTI Claims Consultant will be in touch with you shortly afterwards to complete the Claim lodgment

Yes, just request for your information to be included in the claim contact details, which is requested during the claim lodgment process

Yes, for NTI to keep your customers information secure you must log in to NTI Now to take any actions or see any details.

Initially, you will have access to a Claim Verification Report. This report shows Claims History per policy rather than per client. For example, if your client has both Fleet and Carriers policies, you would run these separately.

Please contact your SDS or Claims Technical & Relationship Specialist. Your NTI representative will raise any system issues on your behalf and work with our internal teams to ensure this is fixed quickly.

Please contact your SDS and explain the issue, providing a time or a screen shot will help us resolve the issue faster. Your SDS will then contact the NTI help desk, which operates during business hours (AEST).

To reset your password simply contact your SDS. They will arrange the password reset email to be sent to the email address you have registered for NTI Now.

If you do not have their own unique email or works from an email address such as Gmail, unfortunately you will be unable to use the NTI Now system.

Access is for Brokers only. There are no plans to expand this to customers at this time.

By applying to be part of the NTI NOW platform you agree that you will abide by the Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use of the platform which is being made available to you through NTI NOW powered by NTI Limited (NTI).

You acknowledge and agree with the Privacy Statement, NTI NOW Terms and Conditions, and Logging On-line and Access, which you have read and have understood your obligations.  It is important you follow the procedures for access and use of the platform.

NTI Now Terms and Conditions 

Logging on-line and access 

Privacy statement 

Glossary of terms